14 years ago
Justin K

Aspirin for young men?

Can daily aspirin therapy be beneficial for young men? I know older men have been using aspirin for years, but are there any studies on young men?
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14 years ago
Renato N
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even when medicine and science keep on discovering new beneficial effects of aspirin (it is a 110 years old drug), for example, in preventing heart and cerebral vascular diseases, or in preventing colon cancer, it also has adverse effects, being the most common and known one the damage that can be produced to the inner lining of the stomach, as it is an acidic medicine. So, by now a days, aspirin has a positive balance of risk/benefit for persons over 40 years old, in small doses and for long term, for younger people, there still isn't any public health recommendation for its use.
14 years ago
It is best not to begin any kind of aspirin therapy without consulting your doctor. Individuals who do so, do it to thin the blood for such reasons as heart disease, history of blood clots, etc. It doesn't necessarily mean it would be a good or even necessary thing for you.