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Russian Translation? Help please?

привет,сегодня у меня выходной. как твои дела?я еду из центра города домой. я была в Итальянском Доме ,узнавала по поводу курсов менеджера,как поняла,работа будет в области,в общем,там охранник был,он ничего не знает,дали телефон секретаря..но зато узнала,что там есть курсы итальянского языка,причем обучение абсолютно бесплатное. дали образец заявления . вообщем,на курсы тоже по собеседованию,но надеюсь,что попаду
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hi today i have a weekend how are you? I'm going home from centertown I was in an Italian home i was finding out about the manager courses i understand the work will be regional in general, there was a gaurd there, he doesnt know anything they gave me the number of the secretarie though i found out they have classes for italian language there and the classes are free they gave me a brochure so, you need an interview for the courses, I don't know if i'll make it. haha for some reason I'm having trouble with my english right now, sorry =)
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Desert Rose
Hi. Today I have a day off. How are you doing? I am going home from downtown. Today I went to Italian House (literally, I think this means Italian Culture Center) to ask about manager courses. As far as I understood, the work will be in the..region (I guess, that's what she meant, outside the city). Actually, there was a security guard, but he doesn't know anything. They gave me phone number of secretary...But I got to know that they have absolutely free course of Italian language! They gave me a sample of application form...Actually, you can take the course also only after interview... but I hope I will succeed. PS: is she talking about Moscow? It would be great news to know they have free Italian course here)))
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Hey, now I have a day off. how you doing? I am going home from the city center. I was in the Italian House, learn about the course manager, as understood to be in the area, in general, there was a guard, he knows nothing, gave the phone Secretary .. but learned that there are Italian language courses, and training absolutely free. gave a sample statement. nothing in the course of the same interview, but I hope that get