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anyone familiar with Korean addresses!! Korean readers!!?

I recently moved to Korea, and I desperately want to order something from Everyday Minerals!! However, I'm not familiar with my new Korean address and so I'm confused as how I'm to fill in the blanks!! This is a format of my address (in english/konglish)--- Gyunggido Ansan Sangnoksu Bono 2 Dong 878-3 buhn ji (name) esq 435-978 now in Korean--- 경기 안산시 상록수 본오 2동 878-3번지 (이름) 귀하 435-978 now what the shipping order is mainly asking me for is my -address -city -zip code I'm having a hard time figuring out what parts of my address fit into which blank!! Please Help!!!!
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When someone sends you a package. Tell them to write in English... Gyeonggi do, Ansan si, Sang Rok Gu, Bono 2dong 878-3 435-978 South Korea Sang rok "su" is not correct, thats the name of the subway station near there yes, however the district is "gu". I lived in Ansan near Hanyang University which was Sang rok gu several years ago. Just have whoever sends you something write that down. You should also include your room number too.
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