12 years ago

been on my period for 12 days!?

i started taking microgynon 30 on the first day of my period which was 28th nov. the date today is the 9th december that means iv been on my period for 12 days but im usually only on about 4/5 days. My friends have said they have been on 16 days and another said she was on a month. The only problem is i finish my packet next week and i want to start the next one straight away not have a break will i be bleeding for 2 months non stop though? is this normal? x
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12 years ago
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nothing can bleed that long and survive, you are pure evil, seek a priest ASAP
5 years ago
Honey while you're sixteen and nonetheless think of you will get pregnant through oral intercourse there is something incorrect, you would be able to desire to pass and characteristic a communicate with somebody related to the birds and the bees. you are able to somewhat no longer get pregnant through giving oral intercourse...