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How do I get rid of HDTV gaming lag on a sony bravia 1080p hdtv?

I am getting an xbox 360 soon and i am going to be playing it on an hdtv sony bravia. I want to be able to play guitar hero without any lag or calibration. Im asking on advice for hdmi cables, game modes, facts, anything to help me before i get the 360.
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Don't use HD, if you don't want lag.
6 years ago
Plasmas are greater useful than liquid crystal show for gaming, as liquid crystal show (even the 120Hz units) have problems with speedy action. And burn-in is a factor of the previous on Plasma. HDTV lag is partly the desire for liquid crystal show and Plasma to resize a picture to its community determination (so as long as you have a 360 with HDMI and use that HDMI to hook up on your television, this isn't a project) and the countless specific image processing useful factors built into HDTV, maximum of which are not getting utilized to HDMI and many times they are able to be grew to become off besides. the ideal HDTVs for gaming on the marketplace now are interior the Panasonic Viera line (except you will detect a Pioneer Kuro Elite nonetheless new someplace, yet Pioneer dropped out of the television business enterprise some months in the past). and that they are no longer very high priced the two.