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please help! im a 15 year old girl...?

ok so ive had this bump in my stomach for years and i thought it was normal but yesterday at my physical, i learned that it wasnt. basically, the bump is always there but when i have to pee, it goes up and when i pee it goes down. it looks like a miniature pregnant belly but its not noticeable unless i pull up my shirt and suck in (hard). it just feels hard. im 15, female and i dont think its stomach cancer but if anyone can give me ideas?? they did an x-ray and they didnt see anything in the lump... not even backed up stool. just it itself. so i have to do an enema this weekend and do a weaker thing like it after that and then i go in for an ultrasound. i am not pregnant, i took a test yesterday at the doctors and its negative. thanks :)
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I agree with Louise, it could be a hernia. The reason for the enema and the other thing is that they want the colon and bowel to be clean so they can get a clear picture of whats going on in there. I have had it done and it's no big deal. Good luck.
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louise a
a hernia?though that wouldnt be hard, but as you said it moves when you pee, thats what id automatically think? but im sure a doctor wouldve noticed that. though you never know. it could just be tumour, which doesnt automatically mean cancer. could just be like a mass, ive worked in gynaecology and they are quite common in that kind of area. (lower abdomen) but it really is hard to tell without seeing it. but the ultrasound sounds like a good way to go. i must say im intrigued. i hope you get it sorted. xx