13 years ago

Im so confused and going kinda crazy now?

OK. So I have a pretty normal Cycle. Well I had a baby back in June. Its been a little weird here and there! But always in the normal range. From 28 to 30 days. Well Im on day 36. No sign of period. Sept the on and off again cramps you get in early pregnancy. My boobs started hurting like crazy a couple of days ago. Other than that, no signs or Symptoms . I went to the Dr yesterday. I went for a blood test On Wed. My level was less than 1. So that's a for sure NO your not pregnant. Im just so confused. I was told to start taking Birth control this Sunday. Im just not comfortable with that. I have never missed a period for nothing. I was pregnant the last time I did that! Im 26 years old. This is just freaking me out... I need help... What to do?! Instead of seeing my Dr. Should I call my OB? Anyone else every had this happen?
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13 years ago
That happened to me after my son. I went three months without a period and my OB put me on Provera for 10 days. It makes you have a period and my cycles went back to normal like it never happened. So I'd go to the OB :)