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Rose Hailgn

Is it possible for something such as The Matrix to actually come into play?

After watching this movie, and reading the book, I came up with a flat-out theory alongside of it. Theories taken from watching a science fiction movie known as The Matrix. Would it be possible to convert composition, such as a dictionary or an Internet lesson on Kung Fu to the human brain, not necessarily the brain, but the mind. It's possible to convert some programs from a software known as windows to linux. They are not entirely compatible, but there are “glitches” in each system. If this were able however, would humans wish to pursue this dream? How much could each mind hold, and would it be considered a dream if every human was able to download as many programs as they could want, that would fit into their mind? These programs would most likely only be able to come into play while they're hooked up to the computer, or whatever object it is that downloads these programs. Like a holodeck, you could put your programs into play. However, while you are hooked up, and running these programs, your physical body is not actually controlling your movements in the program, your mind is the one controlling your body in the program, for the sake of words, this program will be known as the matrix. So if one of your programs running involves physical activity, your physical body in the “real world” would do nothing, seeing as only your mind is hooked up to the program. If in the program, your physical body dies, your mind will believe it it is dead, and so your physical body in the real world, would be able to do nothing without the mind, which you lost in the program. That was all taken out of the movie/book. Further more... If after experiencing the Matrix, would you be able to persuade your mind that it is only a program. Thus if you die, your mind would only know it to be partially dead, you could recognize it as only a fake death. However, if the mind dies in the real world, you're dead. So if your mind dies in the matrix, would your physical body die? If your mind dies in the Matrix, but before it dies, it recognizes the fact that it is a “made-up” death, would your physical body die in the real world? If your mind dies in the real world, would your physical body with your mind become completely disabled, or would your mind no longer work properly, but your physical body would be able to keep you alive based on voluntary organs?
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If u think that way then Everything is an illusion--life and death is an illusion--even science is an illusion(which is more logical)--fields such as quantum physics/mechanics in science is still left for explanations and understanding. Its real on the outside but as we dig deeper it becomes ambiguous and conflicting.--latest theory says everything in this universe is a result of vibrations of ultra-microscopic strings(even time)--so u see fundamental particels such as electrons/quarks etc. are just concepts to model scientific theories--they r just plain illusions. The concept of Matrix is not new..same concepts r already presented in ancient philosophies and also in Hindusim,Buddhism etc...the movie Matrix is based on those philosophies with a more modern scientific and logical edge(so that it may appear possible to us in this age).....with time our model does not change but reshaped ...what is real and what is not is simply how you define and understand "real"(as also said in The Matrix)..its beyond human capability to know r we really suspended in a simulation or not....lets take it this way "real" is a relative term..so for us if we feel pain its real 4 us but we also feel pain in our dreams............................. so if u take the concept of The Matrix in a philosophical point of view then it is already in play.
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Is The Matrix Possible
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If you think of it as a metaphor, it is already 'in play'.