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How do I get over my fear of skiing too fast? D:?

Ok, so when I was little I liked skiing fast and going over moguls (weird child), but now I get terrified of going too fast and tend to lean back =__=;; is there anyway I can fix this? Because I want to go fast, it generally makes everything easier for me!
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Jim W
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Just how fast is too fast? I get scared when I'm skiing too fast also. The speed I consider too fast is 50 MPH and up depending on the hill and the crowd. I have been clocked at 70 + and I do know what speed is. Lets start with the slope you are skiing. It should be smooth and consistent and protected from cross traffic. Your skis must be able to act very stable and secure at the speed you are skiing. Your boots must fit you tight around the foot and ankle and support you in a good balanced position. Now that we have you secure and able to handle the equipment part of skiing, you need to be balanced front and back and side to side with flexible knees and ankles. When skiing at speeds of 30+ use a low tuck to increase your stability. At lower speeds, stand tall, chin up, and weight on the full foot, let your skis and your ankles absorb most of the rough bumps and the knees and body the rest. Look way ahead of your position, look at the place you want to go, not the object you want to avoid. Practice large turns with good edge control and balance through the turn. Take a set of advanced lessons from professional ski instructor. Another choice is to join a racing program. Many areas have citizen league races every month and training at least once a week. This is a great way to learn how to ski at moderate and higher speeds. Hope this helps.
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You need to take some lessons. I am only guessing here, but you probably get scared as your speed increases because you feel like you're losing control. The way to increase your confidence and skills (and thus, speed) is to take more lessons. Then, when you start skiing faster, you'll know that you have the skill set necessary to own the mountain.
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the main common clarification for injuries while snowboarding is collisions with different skiers, for my section, once you're green. you ought to be traveling very quickly to reason harm to your self, which i'm guessing you will in no way be. the 2nd is knee harm, by lines and twists to the joints. evade collisions by utilising demonstrating an understanding of the skiers in the back of you. do no longer make quickly turns or stops if there are a number of human beings on the slopes. Make your strikes obtrusive and planned, so human beings in the back of have extra time to react. in no way quit unexpectedly on a slope no count number if it relatively is a heavy-site visitors section, consistently %. quiet places to quit. Knee injurys are prevented by utilising workout, construction the muscle groups around the knee until eventually now the ski holiday and resting at ordinary factors. evade jumps, lean forward along with your shins into the boot and attempt to no longer placed too lots weight on yor joints as you turn. long delicate turns are extra effectual on your knees than short quickly turns.