13 years ago

Should i take him back please help im clueless on what to o i need advice?

k well my ex broke up with me lke a month ago. I loved him alot so did he but he like screwed me over already like 3times t hurt me so badly because i feel like he's always messin with my head he'll always be so sweet. but uses me he only wants me when he wants me he'll screw me over for never answer my call he doesnt even end a relationship the right way , he just ignores me so i never get and closure, but he always comes back to me and says he still loves me and misses me and wants to start seeing eachother again. he called me last night saying this , this is about the 4th time hes done this. do i give him another chance . i know he cares about me but i think he just acts dumb sometimes. thnxs alot for the help , just be honest. =)
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13 years ago
Philippians 4:13
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it sounds like your boyfriend is just using you...a real boyfriend is ALWAYS there for you and wouldn't just ignore you...He comes crawling back when he wants you again but after a while he'll blow you off again. You should NOT take him back and you should go find a guy who will always be there and will never ignore you or blow you off!!-you deserve BETTER!!!-GOOD LUCK AND I HOPE YOU BROKE WITH THIS GUY AND MEET SOMEONE MUCH BETTER!!!!! (: