14 years ago

Good 3-4 player games?

Well, i've been thinking about getting a good 3-4 player game. I like games like halo, gears of war, left 4 dead, call of duty. But, I also like games like fable, where you can form you character, and choose the skills you want. It dosen't have to be kidd friendly, I would prefer if it wasnt. Please make alist if possible. Thanks!
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14 years ago
Yeah halo is a really fun on especially if your are fighting against each other... I do really recommend Left 4 Dead. Its amazing. Rock Band is one of the best multiplayer games out there if your willing to invest in it. It's sort of expensive with all the different instruments. Rock Band: Hours of fun. Left 4 Dead: Constantly putting you on the edge and really fun co - op campaign. Gears of War: An awesome game but can get aggravating if you have one friend allot better than the other.