14 years ago

Help with Dalmatian Molly's death?

My Dalmatian Molly fish died yesterday and I noticed that she had orange spots on her face and near her gills. Does that have anything to do with her death? I only had her for 3 days and my fish tank is new.
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14 years ago
Chris W
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as u said she had orange spots on her gills and face i would 99.9% say she had slime and velvet disease to why she died it is a parasite that can multiply and overcome the fish hope this helps u out and good luck
6 years ago
The goldfish should not be in that tank. i could bumped off them and the two supply them away or positioned them in a tank without a heater. they are chilly water fish and desire chilly water to stay to tell the tale. additionally, the tetra college must be bumped as much as six+ of the comparable species. could I ask what number galleons your tank is?