12 years ago

Why is my face dry and itchy?

Please help me find a cure for this! About two days ago or so I applied some Clearasil onto my face to remove some acne that was bothering me. I applied it to the areas that had acne and spread it around. This isn't the first time I've used it however, I've used it once before about a month or so ago and nothing like this happened. Could this be why my face feels dry and itchy? I've also been semi-allergic to nuts, where my tongue feels itchy, but never the rest of my skin. I ate some chocolates with nuts too, so maybe that's why? P.S. It gets the most itchy around my upper lip, my entire forehead, and my cheeks and sides of my face, which are all places I applied the Clearasil. Also around the bridge of my nose where my glasses rest, but I never applied any there. P.P.S. I've used the same moisturizer for about a year now. It's for sensitive skin. If I keep using it will my skin be alright again? Or should I try a new one? P.P.P.S I also have eczema, and it's usually just around my body, not the neck up. P.P.P.P.S. The area where my cheek bones are are also reddish in color, is that a bad thing or is it normal? Please if anyone has any answers on how to treat this, that would be greatly appreciated!
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12 years ago
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If you're in North America that is remotely affected by cold weather, then it's a normal thing. Winter is an awful time for your skin because it dries out faster because it's so cold so the wind really beats up on it, and also your skin wants more moisture. Just use your facial moisturizer whenever it feels dry. Acne products dry out your skin and you can feel it the most when it's also a super dry season like winter. Just apply moisturizer as needed and it'll get better.