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What does a brown spot of discharge mean?

I haven't started my period yet and i'm 13, however I've been getting discharge for around a year or so now. However, I'm pretty flat-chested. Anyway, on christmas eve I was craving frozen yogurt and very hungry and I kept getting random bouts of nausea. I haven't really had any cramps and if i had they've been pretty minor and over quick. However, I have been really tired, moody and feeling like crap. So I woke up this morning and noticed a brown spot in my underwear. Its not a big spot, its relatively small but its definitely brown and even has a bit of a redish hue to it. What does this mean? Is it spotting, is it a period, it it just discharge? Will I get more of it? I'm so confused and kind of freaked out ): Thanks in advance.
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12 years ago
Larkin L
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If you get more of it, it is your period. Old blood looks brown. If you don't get any more of it, it is just spotting, your body's way of getting ready for your period. Spotting is discharge.