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87 jeep wrangler heat problems.?

I bought the jeep about 6 months ago and the heat was not working. I just replaced the heater core, which did solve half of it. My problem now is that the heat is just not blowing out hot enough. It feels like its about 50-60 degrees. Is that as warm as the heat is suppossed to be? Or is there maybe another problem with it..
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you may have the heater hoses on the opposite heater core pipes! this happened to me with my K-car! the inflowing hot water needs to "fill" the heater core, if they are opposite then the incoming hot water will just drain out of the heater core and not getting it hot enough. also make SURE you have all the air bubbles out of your cooling system. Best if you drill a 1/8" hole in the body of the thermostat to prevent air from getting trapped..it should look like this.. http://www.mgfcar.de/thermostat/Dcp_5568_1hole.jpg
5 years ago
you should purchase a code reader for fairly low priced now A das to make certain precisely what's incorrect. the starter does not have something to do with it dieing whilst using. it might desire to be alot of countless issues, gasoline transport, spark situation, ignition, superb wager take it to a mechanic or get a reader, a solid mech will diagnose and have the flexibility to allow you be attentive to the prob so which you will fix.